Equipment Financing

Don’t have the cash to purchase business equipment all at once. No Problem, we can help finance it all, and with no money down for qualifying businesses.

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According to the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association (ELFA), U.S. businesses are expected to spend more than $1.8 Trillion Dollars in Equipment acquisitions or business investments in 2021 alone. Although the effects of this COVID pandemic will continue to be felt in all industries for quite some time. Equipment acquisition will continue to drive all U.S. manufacturing and service sectors. One of the most common reasons business owners seek financing is to purchase new equipment. Equipment Financing is a loan that is used to purchase business-related equipment. It can help you finance up to 100% of the equipment you are looking to acquire.  You can use the cash from an Equipment financing loan to purchase any type of equipment, from a new company vehicle to software for your employees computers.


  • Your equipment serves as collateral therefore rates start as little as 7%.
  • There can be great Tax Benefits for your company.
  • This can be helpful for businesses that can't afford a large upfront expense, or don't want to use up all of their cash flow. Repayment is done in monthly installments.
  • This type of funding can be in many cases completed in much less time than traditional lending.
  • Existing cash positions and lines of credit can remain free for other working capital needs.
  • Financing can be provided from 2,3,5 and even up to 10 years depending on the cost of the equipment.
  • Having additional equipment will increase your businesses future revenue.
  • If you qualify you can borrow up to 100% of the equipment's value.


  • Equipment loans can be only used for equipment.
  • If you have excellent credit history, your likely to find lower interest rates with a traditional loan.
  • If anything should happen to the equipment, you are responsible for all maintenance cost.
  • Repayment terms are usually up to the life of the equipment.


  • Fill out an easy one page application.
  • Business monthly income of $10,000+
  • Time in business 6 months +
  • The last 6 months of your business bank statements.
  • Invoice of the equipment you are looking to purchase.